Blending the latest technology and cutting-edge workflows with the best talent to maximize your creative options while saving time and money. SHED’s founder and colorist, Yvan Lucas and his accomplished team will collaborate with you from pre-production onwards to help you realize your creative vision.


SHED can produce your dailies in either of our facilities or near-set – creating every deliverable you need quickly and efficiently, whatever the origination format. But our services start before that – our team will work with you during pre-production to help design the look and lock down a pipeline, including a calibrated viewing environment, that gets your dailies securely to wherever they need to be.

Color Design / DI Grading

Led by Yvan Lucas, our world-class color team will collaborate with you to guide your project from inception through to completion. Starting in pre-production and during test shoots, our team helps you design and refine your look and ensure that it is communicated correctly throughout production and dailies and then into post production. Once you sit down in our theater to start you final DI grading, you’ll be comfortable knowing that everyone’s on the same page.

Commercials Finishing

Whatever format you shot with and whatever the screen it’s going to be seen on, your commercial deserves the best talent utilizing state of the art equipment. Our teams in Los Angeles and London will help you push the boundaries and expand your creative palette. And we make a great espresso too.


Remote Grading

Supervise your grading session from one of our remote locations. Seamless collaboration will make you feel like you’re in the same room as the colorist.

File Transfers via Aspera, Signiant or Sohonet

Get your dailies wherever in the world you need them to be. Or deliver your VFX shots to a facility in another country. Quickly and more importantly, securely.


Mobile Lab

Our state-of-the-art mobile boutique with data lab and calibrated color room is ready to travel wherever you need it to be. With a calibrated display, Baselight grading system and Codex Vaults for ingesting data and creating your dailies, it has everything you need for a one-day commercial shoot or a months-long feature production.